What makes Hrdayam special?

hṛdayam हृदयम्

What makes Hrdayam special?

Why is there no general Yoga-abo? Why do I pay my teacher directly?

  • Hrdayam is not a yoga studio in the way we have been familiar with over the past decade. It is intended to be a collection of teachers who share a space. Each of us pay rent towards the upkeep and organization of the space. There is no abo or class pack that covers all the classes taught by the different teachers. This is for several reasons.
  • The administration of running a studio is immense. This way each teacher is responsible for their own administration. As a student you contact the teacher directly if you have questions about their classes and importantly you pay them directly.
  • By paying your teacher directly you establish a clear energetic connection with them.
  • The teachers have total autonomy over how they want to advertise their classes, what timings they have, when they teach, what booking system they want to use, and how much to charge. This requires commitment and effort from the teachers, ensuring they are fully invested in their classes.

Traditionally the teacher would ask for payment at the end of students’ studies and the teacher could ask for anything, this was called Guru Dakshina. Many of Krishnamacharya’s first students, who went on to teach, taught according to a barter economy. In the 21st century this is a less effective way of ensuring we can pay our rent and the costs for our living. Therefore we are trying a system that should support and empower the teachers and therefore support and empower the students.

Who is behind Hrdayam?

  • Hrdayam has no manager or lead teacher. Clare Nicholls is the contact point and bears the majority of the financial responsibility as she is the only full time teacher.
  • Because there is no manager, response to communication will be done more slowly than perhaps we have become used to. Social media @hrdayambern is managed by Laura Schurr who is working in exchange for participating in classes and use of Hrdayam. Your emails, questions, and direct messages will be answered in time, please have patience with us.

How do I book a class? What are the terms of booking?

  • Hrdayam is a small space. It has 16 places per class so booking is essential. Please visit our website www.hrdayam.ch and book your next class under “timetable” by clicking on the teacher you would like to practice with. This will lead you directly to the booking and paying system of the respective teacher.
  • Each teacher is responsible to set their own terms of booking.

Is there a changing area? Do I need to bring a mat?

  • Hrdayam has one toilet, a changing area, a small kitchen. There are a limited number of mats for use, you are welcome to store your own mat here, there are a small selection of props for your use. If you know you need something for your practice you are welcome to leave it here, clearly labelled with your name. There is no shower.

What are the opening hours? How much time should I plan to visit Hrdayam?

  • Hrdayam is a shared space, you are welcome to drop in whenever it is open outside of class times. Doors normally open 30 minutes before class. You are welcome to help yourself to tea and fruit after class, you are welcome to borrow the books or sit here and read. We are a community of people seeking personal, spiritual emotional social evolution and we can do this through supporting each other and holding the space in our hearts.
  • We suggest to arrive 5-10 Minutes before a class starts.

I am practicing for the first time / I am injured / I am pregnant. Which class should I book?

  • We suggest more gentle and beginner-friendly classes like Jivamukti Basics, Jivamukti Beginner Vinyasa, Jivamukti Restore and Renew as well as all of the Meditation classes. Please contact your teacher directly, if you want to learn more about the level of the class and inform your teacher before class, if you have an injury, are pregnant etc.

Can I eat before class?

  • We suggest you eat or drink only little before class like a light snack or a smoothie. However, you are welcome to help yourself to water, tea and fruit before / after class.

How can I find Hrdayam?

  • Hrdayam is located in one of the traditional Bernese cellars with a vaulted ceiling at Gerechtigkeitsgasse 77, 3011 Bern. The bus no. 12 stops directly in front of the studio (stop: “Rathaus”) if you’re coming from the train station. You can access Hrdayam directly from the street, through steep stairs leading down to the shala. Please do not enter the apartment building at Gerechtigkeitsgasse 77 or ring any bells of residents in the house. Thank you.

Are classes taught in English?

  • Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher Clare Nicholls teaches exclusively in English. All other teachers can adapt classes or poses accordingly if you ask them before class.


  • As a student you are responsible for your own wellbeing and insurance. Please listen to your body and practice accordingly. Hrdayam cannot be held liable for injuries or lost / stolen items.