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I would say that what drives me in life is to observe people. 

Dissect their habits, their attitudes, to listen to their stories from here and elsewhere, to discover what are their sparks and their shadows. 

In my opinion we humans, are a source of infinite inspiration and richness.

I like to learn, seek, understand and find solutions as much as i’m passionate about music, food, pop culture, art, design, anthropology and the little pleasure of life.

This overflowing curiosity and great sensitivity needed a certain amount of time before being tamed, then slowly understood until they became true allies.

I had to go through several depressive episodes, two burn-outs and cohabiting with generalized anxiety disorders for many years, to eventually get to know and befriend the darker parts of my being. This is how i intuitively followed the path of movement to relieve my mind. 

As a child through dancing then around 17yo through Fitness. Up to this day, where my movement practice became eclectic ; Boxing, weight training, yoga, breathwork…

In parallel I follow many therapies (psychotherapy, energetic healing, osteopathy, kinesiology, feldenkreis, MTC, homeopathy, aromatherapy, shiatsu…) 

It is thanks to all these methods that I develop a great interest about the functioning of our bodies, and consequently an attentive listening and a great confidence in their messages.

In 2015 Yoga came into my life and it felt like home. 

This world started answering my questions, introduced me to spirituality, and allowed me to refine my perceptions. I trained in 2018 at the Sampoorna school in India in Yoga Vinyasa Ashtanga, then followed different training,YIN yoga with Biff Mithoefer, advanced teaching with the Alpha Yoga school, intro to traditional Tantra Hatha with Octavio Salvado, levels 1 and 2 of Reiki, and a regular practice in different styles. More recently, I have been focusing on teaching Functional Training classes & discover the power of the breath with Inspire Potential. This year ? I’m diving into somatic studies. 

If my little structure monbijou-studio exists today it is because it took me a very long time to know what was going on in my head and in my body. Why it felt so heavy sometimes to just be. It is by combining theoretical understanding of the self, medium to high intensity activities with gentle practices that I was finally able to develop a palette of tools to draw in case of difficult times. So I decided to help people that don’t really know where to start when it comes to feel a bit better with themselves, with practical things that I wish I had known much earlier, and that are effective.  

My group class NO MORE DRAMA is a synthesis of those tools, for people who wish to approach movement without being in a performance / perfection / competition mindset, but rather in a desire to develop both a form of inner strength, body awareness and kindness for oneself. 

We move outdoor, we sweat, we breathe, we meditate, we stretch, we learn, we share… It’s a joyful mix that has the sole purpose of making you feel good and more confident with who you are.

Are you curious? It might be the only required characteristic to join.


at Hrdayam:

Tuesdays 19.45 – 21.00 “No More Drama” – The workout for your mental health .

To book:

hello@monbijoustudio.ch or DM through insta: https://www.instagram.com/monbijou_studio/

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